Comments by jtorral

🕐 10-16-19 9:40 PMjtorral
Photo - 102
By: laowai
I wonder how well the sl2 will compare to this
🕐 06-14-19 9:48 AMjtorral
Photo - 102
By: laowai
Stunning colors and rendering.
🕐 06-6-19 9:31 PMjtorral
Photo - 87
By: laowai
This is beautiful. Love the rendering and subtle tones.
🕐 05-28-19 10:39 AMjtorral
Photo - 29
By: laowai
Gotta love that 100 Macro. Amazing.
🕐 05-25-19 11:48 AMjtorral
Photo - 21
I am impressed with the Sigma ART 35 on the S1R. This is just a quick shot using the MC-21 adapter which only works in single auto focus. Regardless, it really opens up a new world for available lenses for the L mount.
🕐 05-24-19 10:43 AMjtorral
Soaking up the sun
By: laowai
Which adapter are you using for the Milvus? I tried the 800.00 Novoflex adapter with my Milvus 50 and it did not transfer aperture info about the lens to the Panasonic S1R. I'm waiting for the Sigma MC-21 adapter to arrive to see if it works with the Canon mount Milvus.
🕐 05-19-19 4:52 PMjtorral
Photo: 1
First picture with the S1R and 50 S pro.
popflash photo
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