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🕐 10-16-19 9:40 PMjtorral posted Click to view details
Photo - 102
Photo by: laowai
I wonder how well the sl2 will compare to this
🕐 06-6-19 9:31 PMjtorral posted Click to view details
Photo - 87
Photo by: laowai
This is beautiful. Love the rendering and subtle tones.
🕐 05-28-19 10:39 AMjtorral posted Click to view details
Photo - 29
Photo by: laowai
Gotta love that 100 Macro. Amazing.
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🕐 05-25-19 4:11 AMlaowai posted Click to view details
Soaking up the sun
Photo by: laowai
I am using the Novoflex adapter on my Leica SL (I don’t own any LUMIX)
Works ok with the Milvus 100M. There is some extra shutter lag. The EXIF data says the lens is a 135 mm Canon lens.

I contacted Novoflex about upgrading the firmware of the adapter about 6 month ago. To my great surprise someone in customer service did reply and said they would get back to me. I have not heard anything from them ever since.
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