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M adapted lenses on L mount

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M adapted lenses on L mount

Category: Lenses

Posted: 05-21-19 6:25 PM - Views: 555

By: Lmount Images

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Anyone usiong an M on the SL or S1 ? I am curious to know how well balanced it is and how it performs. I have been looking ta the 75 summicron SL but its hard to find. My other choice is a 75 Summicron M with the M to L adapter.


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Reply Nr.2 from Bill Barton on 08-21-21 8:18 AM

Update, I got to use a SL2-s yesterday for a couple of hours with a Leica M to L mt adp. Now I used it with a older 24mm lens and the viewfinder on the SL2-s it is very bright and makes you feel that you are looking through a DSLR with a mirror it's that clear. However I myself found my Sigma fp easier to focus my M lenses on due to it's focus peaking. If I had the ablity to purchase a new 75mm L lens I would hold out for the L mount lens for the autofocus. As two hours is not enough time to really check out and use a camera with adp. lenses take this small bit of info for what it's worth.


Reply Nr.1 from Bill Barton on 08-4-21 7:57 AM

Well I have been using M lenses on my Sigma fp with the M to L adp and they are working fine. 

I also have added two of the Chinese L mount lenses and a couple of their M mount lenses. So far I am happy with them. Time will tell!

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