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Subject: Help with eye af

Category: Panasonic S1R

Posted: 05-29-19 4:11 PM - Views: 501

By: jtorral

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I am still struggling with the Eye Autofocus on this camera.  Don't get me wrong. Love the camera but I have a learning curve and some questions.

To make things simple let me give an example.

I have Eye Auto focus selected as the focus mode

I have "S" for single focus mode set on my switch

My subject is about 5 feet away and no other humans in the frame

I see a box around the face.

Now and then I get the crosshair  inside the box and I guess that is validating the Eye Auto focus.

Why can't I get consistent crosshair when my subject really does not change. I take a picture then the next time, I cannot get the crosshair.


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