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Where the Sigma L forum?

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Where the Sigma L forum?

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Posted: 08-26-21 11:33 AM - Views: 320

By: Roger Jones

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So where is the Sigma L forum?? I can't donate if there is no Sigma L forum.

Roger J.


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Reply Nr.1 from Bill Barton on 09-13-21 3:42 PM

I also would like to know where are the rest of the users???? I really like how this website is set up but we need some traffic. I don't want to wind up just talking to myself, these cameras deserve much better then silence.....

I have been using a Sigma fp with M to L adp and using my older M lenses, plus a couple of the newer Chinese L and M mount lenses by 7 Artisans and TT Artisans. Yes everything I have is manual focus I have played with both the Leica CL and a Leica SL2-S. The Cl I used was just with the 28mm f2.8 standard kit lens for the CL. The Sl2-S was just a body that I had a M to L adp on that I used a older 24mm Angenieux f 3.5 late black in a Alpa mt, I have the Alpa to M adp and then put it on the M to L adp. In Alpa mt. I also have a Kern Macro Switar 50mm f1.9, and a 40mm f 2.8 makro Kilar. Yes I own a lot of older wierd lenses they are lots of fun, plus I picked them up a long time ago when prices were not as crazy as they are now. And I learned never to get rid of lenses

Besides my Leica lenses I have a number of Russian glass both pre and post WWII.

Come on people lets start talking.......




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